Our kids are counting on us to provide them with schools that ensure their health and well-being, and are environments that are best for learning.


Many factors contribute to the health and well-being of our children, both in and out of school. Research shows that environmental health—the effects that the environment has on human health—can negatively impact school attendance, academic achievement and the health of students with chronic illnesses.  Looking at this positively, a healthy learning environment is one that provides the best opportunity for focus, attention, and well-being. Healthy learning environments are clean, dry, quiet, well lit, and comfortably warm or cool.

Resources & Information

The Healthy Schools Working Group has assembled a collection of resources aimed at addressing the easiest and most important opportunities for improving student and staff health and well-being.


About Us

The Healthy Schools Working Group includes A+ Schools, Green Building Alliance’s Green & Healthy Schools Academy, Women for a Healthy Environment’s Healthy Schools PA, and The Environmental Charter School at Frick Park. Generous support has been provided by The Heinz Endowments.